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Windows 10 Enterprise E3 & E5: User-Based Subscription for Windows | Mirazon.Windows 10 Enterprise E3: Microsoft Will Now Charge Enterprises for Windows-as-a-Service

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含まれない Windows コンピューター上の個別のデスクトップ フローを追加コストなしで自動化できます。 今すぐダウンロード


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Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and Windows 10 Enterprise E5 debuted in , when Microsoft began selling subscriptions to the operating system, specifically Windows 10 Enterprise, the operating system’s top-tier version. Unlike Microsoft’s legacy licensing – in which the operating system is licensed on a per-device basis – the E3 and E5 subscriptions are per-user. A licensed user could work at any of five allowed devices equipped with Windows 10 Enterprise.

Microsoft first experimented with per-user enterprise licensing in The difference between E3 and E5? Microsoft also applied the same E3 and E5 labels to non-subscription SKUs stock-keeping units , using them as nameplates for the traditional path to Windows 10 Enterprise: an upgrade from usually Windows 10 Pro and then a multi-year Software Assurance annuity paid in full or in installments.

Starting Oct. Microsoft will scratch that SKU from the price list. Next, it will do away with the “Per-User” and “Per-Device” tags. On the pricing front, Microsoft was much less forthcoming than it had been about Office increases. Elsewhere in the FAQ, Microsoft added, “Localized and channel specific prices will be available closer to launch,” referring to the Oct. Like Windows 10 Enterprise, Microsoft Enterprise comes in E3 and E5 flavors, with the latter more expensive than the former.

Raising prices and doing away with a per-device version of Windows 10 Enterprise also plays into Microsoft’s strategy, which is, first, to push customers into subscriptions and second, to convince customers to adopt the most expensive subscriptions possible – those under the Microsoft umbrella.

Miller noted that it’s now rare to hear Microsoft trumpet Windows 10 by itself, or Office alone, when it markets to the enterprise. Arguing that Microsoft is making sure that the prices of a Microsoft component – Windows 10 Enterprise – line up with the price of the aggregate, Miller also contended that the price increase for per-device rights to Windows 10 Enterprise is designed to motivate customers.

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