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Adobe Illustrator CS5 Part 1: Introduction download free tutorial in pdf.


Includes selection commands such as All, Deselect, and Reselect. Includes command for creating different types of effects. Includes command for displaying the grid and rulers. Provides access to all the panels. Provides access to Illustrator Help.

Workspace The Illustrator interface includes various elements such as panels, bars, and windows that you can use to create and manipulate your documents. Any arrangement of these elements is called a workspace. You can select from several preset workspaces or create one of your own.

The default workspace is called Essentials. You can quickly switch to a different workspace using the Workspace Switcher menu on the Application bar see Figure 4.

By default, some panels are docked and appear as icons at the right side of the program window see Figure 5. Clicking a panel s icon expands the panel see Figure 6. Clicking the double arrow at the top of the dock expands or collapses all panels. You can move panels by dragging the panel tab or panel title bar to the desired location. You can also resize panels by dragging any side of the panel. Most panels have a menu with additional options that can be accessed by clicking the menu button in the upper-right corner of the panel.

It contains selection tools, drawing and painting tools, editing tools, viewing tools, type tools, the Fill and Stroke boxes, and screen mode options see Figure 7. You can display the tools in the Tools panel in one column or two columns by clicking the double arrow at the top of the panel. Positioning the mouse pointer over a tool displays the tool s name and keyboard shortcut. A small black triangle at the lower-right corner of a tool icon indicates the presence of hidden tools see Figure 8.

To select a hidden tool: 1. In the Tools panel, click and hold down the mouse button on a tool icon with a black triangle, and then drag to the desired tool and release the mouse button see Figure 9. NOTE: The selected tool replaces the default tool in that slot until another tool is selected. It provides quick access to options related to the selected object or tool. The options displayed in the Control panel vary depending on the type of object or tool that is selected.

When text in the Control panel is blue and underlined, clicking the text displays a related panel or dialog box. Figure 10 Control Panel Opening a File You can open files that were created in Illustrator as well as compatible files that were created in other applications. The native file format of Illustrator is AI. To open a file: 1. Click the File menu and select Open see Figure The Open dialog box opens.

Figure 11 File Menu 2. Navigate to the folder that contains the sample data files, select the Layers. By default, every new document contains one layer. You can create new layers and rearrange items to best suit your needs. By creating multiple layers in your artwork, you can control how overlapping objects are displayed. The artwork at the top of the Layers panel is at the front of the stacking order, while artwork at the bottom is at the back of the stacking order.

Figure 12 Layers Panel To practice working with layers: 1. To display the Layers panel, click the Window menu and select Layers, or click the Layers panel icon on the right side of the workspace see Figure To hide or unhide a layer, click in the Visibility column to the left of the layer s name.

An eye icon indicates that the layer is visible; a blank space indicates that the layer is hidden. To lock or unlock a layer, click in the Edit column to the left of the layer s name. A lock icon indicates that the layer is locked and cannot be edited; a blank space indicates that the layer is unlocked and can be edited. To create a new layer, click the Create New Layer button located at the bottom of the Layers panel. To delete a layer, select the layer in the Layers panel, and then click the Delete Selection button located at the bottom of the panel.

To move a layer, drag the layer in the Layers panel to the desired location, and then release the mouse button see Figure To rename a layer, double-click the layer s name in the Layers panel to open the Layer Options dialog box, type a new name in the Name box, and then click the OK button see Figure Figure 14 Layer Options Dialog Box 8.

To display sublayers, click the triangle to the left of the layer s name. To hide sublayers, click the triangle again see Figure NOTE: If no triangle appears to the left of a layer s name, the layer does not have sublayers.

Vectors Graphics Illustrator is an ideal program to create vector graphics because it includes tools and features designed for vector use.

Vector graphics are made up of points, lines, and curves defined by mathematical equations. Since vector graphics are resolution independent, you can freely modify them without losing detail or clarity. Raster images, on the other hand, use a rectangular grid of picture elements pixels to represent images. Raster images are resolution dependent.

As a result, they can lose detail and appear jagged if they are scaled to high magnifications. In general, use Illustrator if you need to create art or type with clean lines that look good at any magnification; use Photoshop for images that need pixel editing, color correcting, painting, and other special effects. Figure 15 is an example of an image created in Illustrator. The difference between a vector graphic and a raster image can be seen in Figure 16 and Figure 17 respectively.

When magnified, the vector graphic maintains its quality, but the raster image looks pixelated. One is converted to a raster. The shape tools are organized under the Rectangle tool in the Tools panel. This lesson covers how to create a cube using the Rectangle tool. It consists of taking two-dimensional squares and transforming them to create a three-dimensional cube.

To create a cube: 1. Click the File menu and select New. The New Document dialog box opens see Figure Type Cube in the Name box.

Click the Units arrow and select Inches from the list. Type 5 in the Width box and 5 in the Height box. Click the OK button. Select the Rectangle tool in the Tools panel. On the artboard, hold down the Shift key and drag the mouse pointer diagonally to draw a square see Figure Release the mouse button and then the Shift key.

Figure 19 Square 8. In the Control panel, click the Fill box and select a fill color, and then click the Stroke box and select a stroke color.

Select the Selection tool in the Tools panel. On the artboard, hold down the Alt key and drag the square to create a copy see Figure Release the mouse button and then the Alt key. Figure 20 Duplicating the Square Repeat step 10 to create another copy of the square.

With the Selection tool, click to select one of the squares on the artboard. Click the Effect menu, point to 3D, and select Rotate see Figure The 3D Rotate Options dialog box opens see Figure Click the Position arrow and select Isometric Left from the list. For the two remaining squares, repeat steps 12 through 15 to set the position of one square to Isometric Top and the other square to Isometric Right.

On the artboard, hold down the Shift key and click to select the three squares. Click the Object menu and select Expand Appearance. Click the Select menu and select Deselect. On the artboard, drag each square to construct the cube see Figure It can be used to draw straight lines, curves, and complex shapes.

It can also be used to trace images. The following lesson consists of tracing a raster image and converting it to a vector graphic. Open the Leaf. In the Layers panel, create a new layer and rename it to leaf1 see Figure On the artboard, click anywhere on the outline of the upper-left leaf to create the first anchor point see point 1 on Figure Click and hold down the mouse button at another point on the leaf s outline to create the second anchor point see point 2 on Figure 25 , drag outward to create a curved path over the outline of the leaf see Figure 25 , and then release the mouse button.

The angle and length of the direction handles determine the shape and size of the curved segment. Click the second anchor point to remove one of the direction handles see point 2 on Figure This removes any influence on the next anchor point. Continue creating anchor points on the outline of the first leaf until it is completely enclosed see Figure The latest news and especially the best tutorials on your favorite topics, that is why Computer PDF is number 1 for courses and tutorials for download in pdf files – Adobe Illustrator CS5 Part 1: Introduction.

We will do everything to help you! And you dear surfers what you need? Level : Beginners Created : October 27, Size : Computer PDF guide you and allow you to save on your studies. Download the file. Publication date. August 9, Print length. See all details. Next page. Tell the Publisher! I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Choose your next adventure with virtual tours. Amazon Explore Browse now. About the author Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations.

Sharon Steuer. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. NOTE from the author: Greetings all. Thank you! Keep your WOW! Read more Read less. Customer reviews.

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Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Very well written and fast-paced book, created presumedly for advanced users that already know their way around Illustrator, written to teach the more advanced techniques of Illustrator. Each revision adds on new techniques that apply to the newly-introduced features of Illustrator while retaining some of the more useful tutorials that still apply.

Bottom line: I used Illustrator daily for around 8 years before buying the very first book purchased used that I bought and it increased my skill level considerably. That’s not an exaggeration, nearly 10 years experience at the time and this book taught me a lot.

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If you think you know everything about Illustrator, like I did, buy this book and you will thank me for it. Dear Candidate, In preparation for the Graphic Design and Illustration certification exam, we ve put together a set of practice materials and example exam items for you to review. What you ll find in this. When the Project Gallery opens, view some of the available Word templates by clicking to expand the Groups, and. Designing a poster Poster is seldom linear, more like a MindMap The subjects belonging together are located close to each other.

Big is important. Warm colours bring closer, cold ones estrange. A human. Then in PowerPoint: A set up the poster size and orientation, B add and.

Logo Design Studio Pro Guide This guide is distributed with software that includes an end-user agreement, this guide, as well as the software described in it, is furnished under license and may be used.

Box , Statesboro, GA Open up Microsoft PowerPoint Before you begin, save your file to your H drive. Under the header that says Organize. How to Use the Drawing Toolbar in Microsoft Word The drawing toolbar allows you to quickly and easily label pictures e. You can add arrows, circle spots, or label with words. Microsoft Excel Charts and Graphs Email: training health. Design document Goal OpenOrienteering Mapper is a program to draw orienteering maps. It helps both in the surveying and the following final drawing task.

Support for course setting is not a priority because. Why use Publisher instead of Word for creating fact sheets, brochures, posters, newsletters, etc.?

While both Word and Publisher can create documents. User s Manual Table of Contents I. Banner Design Studio Overview Banner Creation Methods Copyright This document is Copyright by its contributors as listed in the section titled Authors. PowerPoint presentations are composed of slides, just like conventional presentations.

Like a 35mm film-based slide, each PowerPoint slide. Creating a Poster in Powerpoint January Contents 1. Starting Powerpoint 2. Setting Size and Orientation 3. Display a Grid 5. Apply a background 7. Add text to your poster 9. Add WordArt to your poster. Intro to Excel spreadsheets What are the objectives of this document?

The objectives of document are: 1. Familiarize you with what a spreadsheet is, how it works, and what its capabilities are; 2. Using Microsoft Word Many Word documents will require elements that were created in programs other than Word, such as the picture to the right. Nontext elements in a document are referred to as Objects. If this tutorial is distributed with software that includes an end user agreement, this guide, as well as the software described.

Creating an invitation Michaela Maginot Concept and design Invitation complete with gift box, card, and transparent envelope. For more options, please visit www. The goal was. April 20, Publisher Cheat Sheet Toolbar customize click on arrow and then check the ones you want a shortcut for File Tab has new, open save, print, and shows recent documents, and has choices. Adjust text with the Character panel and change alignment with the Paragraph panel or Control.

Microsoft Word can be used to create documents,. Introduction We will focus on:. Printing to the Poster Printer Document size The HP Design Jet Zps uses a roll of paper that is 36 wide, however it does not print all the way to the edge of the paper known as a bleed. One dimension. Linkage 3. In the following tutorial you will learn how to create a simple circus tent icon. You may discover some interesting things about.

Graphic Design Studio Guide This guide is distributed with software that includes an end-user agreement, this guide, as well as the software described in it, is furnished under license and may be used. Recipes4Success You can use the drawing tools and path animation tools in Frames to create illustrated cartoons.

In this Recipe, you will draw and animate a rocket ship. All Rights Reserved. Creating a logo Welcome to CorelDRAW, a comprehensive vector-based drawing and graphic-design program for the graphics professional. In this tutorial, you will create a logo for an imaginary coffee shop. Microsoft Publisher What s New! A new. Winter This guide is intended as a companion to another guide, Making a Figure Using Adobe Illustrator, also available on my web site.

The Illustrator Toolbar. You ll get hands-on experience using the industry s leading. C: Options bar- controls specific to the tool you are using at the time.

Register online at www. All right reserved. Edraw and Edraw logo are registered trademarks of EdrawSoft. Contents Professional. Your user role in a meeting determines your level of file sharing. The type of files you can share include documents, presentations, and videos.

A data plot must be set active before you can use the Data Selector. Tutorials The lesson schedules for these tutorials were installed when you installed Milestones Professional If you have any questions, comments,.

The following are the outlines: 1. Start Microsoft Word Describe the Word Screen. My Custom Design ver. Interactive Voting System www. Motion-Tweened Animation With motion tweening, you can easily create motion effects for the objects in your Flash movies.

Kites flying, balls bouncing, rocks rolling. Contributors are listed below. You may distribute. Running Descriptive and Correlational Analysis in Excel Tips for coding a survey Use short phrases for your data table headers to keep your worksheet neat, you can always edit the labels in tables.

Laser cutter setup instructions: 1. Cut your material to 18 x 24 or smaller. Turn on the laser cutter by flipping the wall switch on the right behind Station B. You will hear the cooling fan and air. Working with Tables in Microsoft Word The purpose of this document is to lead you through the steps of creating, editing and deleting tables and parts of tables. This document follows a tutorial format. Operation Photoshop 5.

DraftSight is more than a free, professional-grade. Log in Registration. Search for. Adobe Illustrator CS6 Tutorial. Size: px. Start display at page:. Stephanie Higgins 6 years ago Views:.

Similar documents. Flash movies can be interactive users can click More information. To create a multimedia presentation using these building blocks we need application programs More information. Welcome to CorelDRAW, a comprehensive vector-based drawing and graphic-design program for the graphics professional. In this tutorial, you will become familiar with the terminology and workspace More information.

Graphics ClarisWorks 5. Page More information. When I say warped, More information. Under width, type 48 in More information. Create a Poster Using Publisher Contents 1. Add graphs More information.

User Guide. Arranging objects More information. Graphic Design. Background: The part of an artwork that appears to be farthest from the viewer, or in the distance of the scene. More information. How to build text and objects in the Titler How to build text and objects in the Titler You can use the Titler in Adobe Premiere Pro to create text and geometric objects.

There are three methods for creating text, each capable of producing either More information. Start a new file in the Part More information. These are easily interchangeable and the toolbars More information.

You can do just about anything with it, but it is especially More information. The complete beginners guide to Adobe Illustrator.


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Adobe Illustrator CS5 provides precision and power with sophisticated drawing tools, expressive lifelike brushes, a host of time-savers, and integration. Download free Adobe Illustrator Essential skills, course tutorial training, a PDF file by Kennesaw State University. – type of file pdf and size MB.

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