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Citrix Workspace App and Receiver – Complete List – Nishith Gupta

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Citrix Workspace app and Receiver come with a. Citrix was kind enough to develop a PowerShell module that calls functions from the. The PowerShell module contains functions like the following:. This is a very well-written script that uses a. It attempts to closely resemble what an actual user would do by:.

Sends email with the result. Uses wficalib. There is no need to install anything separately. Here are the available versions:. Usually both pieces must be the same version, but versions 2. You enter a Controller address, credentials, and then it shows you the published resources. You can pick a resource, edit properties on the other tabs, and then Connect. This allows you to easily try different connection properties. There are a couple methods of logging Workspace app for Windows operations.

Instead of creating the registry keys manually, you can use the following. Stores are sometimes duplicated in Workspace app, especially if you are running Workspace app inside a VDA.

But all sessions open the Workspace and Webview2 process too. Is it possible to disable lauching Workspace client on user session startup? Then search for Citrix. Install as system user. Hi Carl, thanks for your time. HTML 5 works as a charm. Disabling proxy workspace app works as expected.

Did you have any tips? Thanks very good articles: SSO works perfect. Have to reboot or Sign in to Windows again to get ssosvr. Citrix Workspace Any tips? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Navigation Workspace app is the new name for Receiver.

The newest Workspace app versions contain many Teams optimization enhancements. Workspace app Modules The Workspace app installer deploys multiple modules. Here are the important ones: ICA Engine wfica. Self-Service selfservice. The most recent name for this component is Citrix Workspace Update.

After authentication, Gateway will connect to its configured Account Services address, and download the Provisioning File from StoreFront. See How to configure Receiver to a Store that is not advertised for special syntax. An important value to consider for multi-datacenter configurations. Once Workspace app is configured, it then performs the following steps: Attempt to connect to the Internal Beacon.

If the External Beacons are not reachable, then stop attempting to connect. Connect to the Gateway address configured in the Provisioning File. If there is more than one Gateway, connect to the Gateway that is marked as the Default.

The actual connection process is controlled by the contents of the Provisioning File, not the Discovery address. Here are some additional methods of performing Workspace app Discovery: After exporting the Provisioning File from StoreFront Console, distribute it to users, and ask them to double-click it.

After logging in to Receiver for Web StoreFront , at the top right, click the user name, and click Activate. This downloads the receiverconfig. The user then must run the downloaded file. Virtual Monitors In Workspace app and newer, when connected to a published desktop on a single monitor, you can split the screen into virtual monitors. In the desktop toolbar at the top of the screen, click Preferences. Switch to the Monitor Layout tab.

On the bottom, select Horizontal or Vertical , then click somewhere in the blue box to draw a line. The single monitor will be split along this line. You can set different DPI for each portion of the virtual display. Right-clicking one of the split sections changes that section to the primary display. Click OK when done.

In the toolbar, click Window to resize it to a window, and then click Full Screen to cause your virtual monitor configuration to take effect. Uninstall Old Clients Workspace app and Receiver 4. This includes the Offline Plug-in component if installed. Workspace app and newer do not support Windows 7. Workspace app and newer enable DPI Matching by default. DPI Matching can be disabled through client-side group policy, or in the Advanced Preferences in Workspace app and newer. See CTX for details.

Administrator vs non-administrator Non-administrator — If a non-administrator installs Workspace app, then each non-administrator that logs in to the same workstation will have to reinstall Workspace app. Administrator — If CitrixWorkspaceApp. Administrator installations of Workspace app and newer can be manually upgraded by non-administrators by clicking Check for Updates. Older versions cannot be upgraded by non-administrators.

Conflicts — If an administrator install of Workspace app is performed on a machine that has non-administrator installs of Workspace app, then the two installations will conflict. Best option is to uninstall non-admin Workspace app and Receiver before installing admin Workspace app.

Auto-Update Workspace app supports auto-update. Some notes: If Workspace app or newer is installed as administrator, then non-administrators can click Check for Updates to manually update Workspace app.

To prevent this, use group policy to disable Citrix Workspace Updates. Older versions of Workspace app cannot be upgraded by non-administrators. If Workspace app is installed on a VDA, auto-update is automatically disabled. This includes Remote PC. Auto-update can be limited to LTSR updates only. Auto-update is configurable through several mechanisms: group policy, StoreFront, Workspace app GUI, installer command line. Workspace app and later let users select an Update channel.

Rename CitrixWorkspaceApp. Install using a command line switch: CitrixWorkspaceApp. Change Registry values post installation to suppress the Add Account window. Discover Hidden Stores When Receiver is first launched, it must perform Discovery, which is the process of downloading the.

GPO configuration is also required as detailed below. AutoUpdateCheck can also be set to manual or disabled. AutoUpdateStream can also be set to Current. Give the shortcuts a short name. Set this to create. See the link for details. Local Username and Password — Check the top two boxes. This causes all icons to be placed on the Start Menu.

Enable Manage App Shortcut and configure it as desired. To allow the Self-Service window, but prevent it from automatically opening reside in systray , tick Prevent Citrix Workspace or Receiver performing a refresh of the application list when opened. Source Enable Control when Workspace or Receiver attempts to reconnect to existing sessions.

If this is a VDA published desktop, set it to Disabled. Otherwise configure it as desired. Enable automatic client drive and client microphone mapping. See Below for details. Configure the FileSecurityPermission setting in one or more of the regions. Copy the CitrixBase. Also copy the en-US folder. In Workspace app, the files are still named receiver. If one exists, paste the. Workspace app and newer has a setting to Disable sending data to 3rd party e.

Workspace app and newer let you disable embedded browser caching. Citrix Workspace Updates , aka AutoUpdate can be configured using group policy. Workspace app and newer can be configured to require in-memory ICA files only. Workspace app 4. Workspace app and newer by default disable App Protection for the authentication screen and icons list. In XenApp 6. Login to the PC as an administrator. If installing Workspace app , as an administrator, during installation, on the Enable Single Sign-on page, check the box next to Enable Single Sign-on.

Then finish the installation. Install the receiver. Expand Citrix Workspace and click User authentication. On the right, double-click Local user name and password. Select Enabled and then check the box next to Allow pass-through authentication for all ICA connections. Click OK. You can use a GPO to configure this on the client side. Local Intranet zone should have Automatic logon only in Intranet zone enabled. Logoff Windows and log back on.

In Task Manager you should now see ssonsvr. Right-click the Workspace app icon and click Advanced Preferences. Click Configuration Checker. The lines with red x will indicate the issue and corrective action. Select Enabled , and then click Show. Enter a store path based on the example shown in the Help box. Workspace app lets you enter a Gateway path.

Then click OK. From Citrix Docs Configuring application delivery: There are several methods of controlling how Workspace app displays shortcuts on the Start Menu and Desktop as detailed below: Workspace app Registry values receiver. This only works if the app is a Favorite, or if Favorites are disabled, or Mandatory Store. More details in Configuring application delivery at Citrix Docs. StartMenuDir — If there is potentially a conflict between local apps and remote apps, then you should place the Start Menu shortcuts in a folder.

Prelaunch Staring with Receiver 4. For example, to enable scheduled pre-launch on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at p. The session actually launches between p. Copy the. Edit a GPO that applies to the endpoint devices that are running Receiver. Then expand the regions, and configure the permission settings as desired. Enter a descriptive name for the StoreFront server. Add the path to your store e. Edit a Delivery Group that has a published desktop and Citrix Workspace app installed.

Now when users launch the published desktop, Workspace app will be automatically configured with this URL. Configuration of Workspace app inside a published desktop is simplified if you have the following minimum versions: Workspace app installed inside the VDA VDA 7. Enable the Group Policy setting Remove common program groups from Start Menu and apply it to non-administrators. Workspace app will re-add the shortcuts based on user group membership. On the VDA, configure the following Workspace app Registry keys or corresponding settings in the receiver.

Otherwise, only subscribed favorited icons would be placed on the Start Menu and Desktop. Note: Windows Server and Windows 10 and newer only supports a single level of Start Menu folders, so setting this effectively turns off published app categories.

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This guide will show you how to update your Citrix receiver or Citrix Workspace desktop app to the latest version for Windows. Download the latest version of Citrix Workspace for Android. Citrix Systems, Inc Receiver. License, Free. Op. System, Android. Release Date: Sep 28, Compatible with: For detailed information about the current release, see About this Release page. High performance web and self.


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From Citrix Docs Configuring application delivery: There are several methods of controlling how Workspace app displays shortcuts on the Start Menu and Desktop as detailed below:. Workspace app and Receiver 4. Word ‘Save As’ dialogue box causes the session to terminate. This can be prevented by doing the following. To use our site, please take one of the following actions:. Internet required — Recent versions of Workspace app e.



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