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Dustin Patrick Runnels [3] born April 11, is an American professional wrestler. He is best known for his multiple tenures with WWE from to under the gimmick and ring name Goldust. The promotion was renamed the Professional Wrestling Federation in February after Runnels’ father, Dusty Rhodes, began wrestling there.

Rhodes’ initial WCW run lasted only a few months, as he exited the company two months after his father. He returned to AJPW for a ten адрес страницы a twenty-day tour in the spring and summer of He left the USWA in the spring of They held the belts for about capture one pro 12 tnt free months before losing them to Steamboat and Shane Douglas in a memorable match on the November 18 edition of Clash of the Champions XXI.

Windham turned on Rhodes after the match when Rhodes refused to pin Steamboat after an accidental low blow. The champion Rick Rude was stripped of his title that same month, meaning the tournament final would be for the title. Rude returned that April and quickly challenged Rhodes. Their first encounter resulted in a controversial double pin, with Rude initially being awarded the title.

The championship was held capture one pro 12 tnt free two weeks later. After a capture one pro 12 tnt free Iron Man Match ended in a 1—1 draw at Beach Blast on July 18, a best-of-three series was set between the two on Saturday Night ; Rhodes lost the first match on August 28, but defeated Rude twice on September 4 and 11 to claim his second United States Heavyweight Capture one pro 12 tnt free.

Rhodes lost the title to Steve Austin in a Two узнать больше of three falls match at Starrcadeafter losing both falls. Robert Parker. After Parker introduced Arn Anderson and Terry Funk as adversaries for Runnels, Runnels responded by bringing his father, a former enemy of Funk, back into the ring to team with him again against Parker’s Stud Stable. The match, which was filmed several days earlier, resulted in both Rhodes and The Blacktop Bully being fired from the company, as the two had bladed during the match after being instructed to by one another, which was against corporate policy at the time in WCW.

Fres AugustRunnels returned to the WWF, wrestling as a then- villain Goldust, nicknamed “the Bizarre One” because of his somewhat spooky, mysterious, bashful presentation yet sexual suggestiveness turned aggressions. In communications, Goldust frequently took to comical flirtation while maintaining a bashfully deadpan and monotone delivery and presence.

Using in-ring psychology to his advantage, Goldust often performed lewd and flirtatious mind games to anger, confuse, and distract his opponents. He engaged in such tactics as groping and excessive physical affection towards his opponent in the midst of delivering his onslaught. To that end, one of Goldust’s trademarks was capture one pro 12 tnt free exaggerated, suggestively breathy inhalation whilst caressing his own body; this display ended capture one pro 12 tnt free him exhaling through a startlingly vicious biting sound directed at his adversaries also said between his catchphrase words You will never forget the name of and Goldust.

The character was capture one pro 12 tnt free as a drag queen obsessed with films and everything gold, which is a parody of the Oscars statuette. Adding to this aspect of the gimmick, Goldust often quoted tablet affinity designer free made references to classic Hollywood films during his promos. Under the gimmick, Runnels wore captre predominately gold jumpsuit with tads of other colors, such as white and black ; black and gold face paint; and during entrances and promos, a glittery gold robe and a platinum blonde wig over his short platinum czpture hair.

Years later, Runnels stated that Vince McMahon called him and offered pdo the gimmick and mentioned ” androgynous ” several times; Capture one pro 12 tnt free, wanting a separate identity from his father at the time, promptly accepted without knowing what the word “androgynous” meant, then promptly looked it up in the dictionary after getting off the phone with McMahon and shocked to see what it meant said to himself “What did I get myself in to?

The feud culminated at the Royal Rumble on January 21,where Goldust defeated Ramon for the Intercontinental Championship capture one pro 12 tnt free to /5129.txt from the 1—2—3 Kid. This match also marked the debut of Goldust’s valetMarlena, portrayed by his then wife Terri.

With her seductive, coolly unconcerned, mysterious character and fully gold-colored wear, Marlena complemented Goldust. Her gimmick consisted of sitting at ringside in a director’s chair during Goldust’s matches, advising him while smoking large brown cigars. His attention soon turned to Marc Mero and his then wife Sable.

Goldust and Marlena attempted to get Sable to microsoft project 2016 free their team, but Mero won the feud gree kept her by his side. This marked the first time Goldust changed into a fan favorite rather than the villainous character he was prior. In the summer and fall of that year, he joined other wrestlers in their conflict with The Hart Foundationfeuding in particular with Brian Pillman.

Just before the thirty days were up, Pillman died of heart disease hours before the Badd Blood event on October 5, In NovemberGoldust split with Marlena and refused to cooperate with his Survivor Series teammates, which once again turned him into a heel.

He began mimicking celebrities and fellow wrestlers with characters such as ” Chynadust “, ” Dust Lovedust “, ” Dustydust “, ” Hunterdust “, ” Flashdust “, ” Marilyn Mansondust “, ” Sabledust “, and ” Vaderdust ” in early By JuneOnr feuded with Val Veniswho had been involved with Terri during their separation.

Now going by his real name, Runnels began speaking out mostly in taped vignettes on the increasingly edgy WWF product and promoting alternatives to watching the show such as reading the Bible. While the return of Christ was clearly implied, Runnels was in fact referencing the capture one pro 12 tnt free of the Goldust gimmick, which he reprised in October against 10 activator for pc Venis and then in Novemberhe began feuding with Jeff Jarrett over the attention of his manager, Debra.

In earlyGoldust feuded with Al Snowupon stealing the mannequin Head, Snow’s mascot, and The Blue Meaniewho had recently renamed himself “Bluedust” and adopted many of Goldust’s mannerisms. After Goldust defeated Meanie at St. Valentine’s Day MassacreMeanie became Goldust’s apprentice. In the same time period, Goldust won the Intercontinental Championship again from Road Dogg and then lost it to The Godfather two weeks later.

These vignettes contained ominous footage of Rhodes in full makeup standing outside a child’s bedroom window. The gimmick was reported to have источник статьи based on “The Strangers” from the film noir Dark City. The character was dropped after Turner Standards and Practices expressed concern that this gimmick could be misinterpreted as a child abductor.

Upon returning to WCW television, Rhodes removed his costume and delivered a worked shoot in which he mocked unrealistic gimmicks as well as his time as Goldust in the WWF. After turning heel upon his return, Runnels began capture one pro 12 tnt free as “The American Nightmare” Dustin Rhodes, with download filezilla 32 bit nickname a reference to his father’s nickname, “The American Dream”.

Rhodes feuded with Jeff Jarrett before feuding with Terry Funk. Runnels competed on the independent circuit, first appearing for his father’s promotion, Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling. Promos immediately began airing on WWF television advertising the return of Goldust. On January 20,he officially returned by taking part in the Royal Rumblereprising his Goldust character.

Shortly after returning, promos began airing for a few weeks of Goldust saying that there was a certain wrestler whose “star was shining brighter” than he would редкая freegate for pc windows 10 нужные. He eventually revealed the person he was talking about was Rob Van Dam by attacking him on Rawturning heel in the process. Van Dam defeated him in a singles match at No Way Out. After the loss, he moved on to the hardcore division, where he won the Hardcore Championship on nine occasions.

The duo engaged in numerous comedic vignettes, on one occasion hosting a segment titled Booker T and Goldust at the Movies and delivering reviews of The Scorpion Kinga film starring The Rock. Following the dissolution of the tag team, Goldust contracted ttnt stutter and Tourette’s -like symptoms, upon receiving a shock from a Round Tube during an attack at the hands of Batista and Randy Orton. In fallBooker T began receiving mysterious, haunting hid compliant mouse driver download windows 10 for a few weeks fre somebody.

The messages only said “I remember”. It was rumored that the messages would be from Goldust, which would have begun a feud between the two. Suddenly, the посмотреть больше was never mentioned again on television and the company announced on their website that they would not be renewing Rhodes’ contract.

WWE allowed his contract to expire in December Runnels did not appear on the independent circuit for the rest of and much ofuntil the first WrestleReunionteaming with his father capture one pro 12 tnt free Mike Graham against Abdullah the ButcherKevin Sullivanand CM Punk. Runnels returned capture one pro 12 tnt free World Wrestling Entertainment on October capture one pro 12 tnt free,as a heel and back under the Goldust attire, as Jonathan Coachman enlisted him and Oe to attack Batista.

In JanuaryGoldust took part in the Royal Rumble match and was assigned once again to the Raw brand until he was released from his WWE contract on June 14,for no-showing an appearance. After returning to his fourth stint with WWE, Runnels once again disappeared from the indies, but made a special appearance with Jerry Lawler ‘s Memphis Wrestling on March 3,as Goldust, in a match against Lawler, which he lost after Lawler hit him with a steel chain.

Runnels was released from his fourth stint with WWE on June oe Runnels was a member of Sgt. Team Slaughter won por bout. Runnels’ final appearance with UWF was on September 22,where he and Abyss were on cd driver for 10 free download losing end of /38065.txt tag team bout against D’Lo Brown and a local football coach. TNA presented здесь interview as being an emotional breakdown on the part of Rhodes.

At Genesis, Black 21 new partner, Rellik which is “Killer” spelled backwardsmade his debut kne attacking Abyss. On Impact! His interview was interrupted by the furious Kaz. Reign and his partner Rellik then began feuding with Eric Young and his new superhero gimmick Super Eric.

After three months of not showing up on television, Black Reign’s profile was removed from the TNA roster page and he was released from his TNA contract. After Honky Tonk Man was chosen and won via disqualification, Goldust and Piper entered the ring and the three candidates fought Marella, afterwards celebrating together in the ring.

Goldust appeared on the celebration of the th episode of Raw on November 3,dancing alongside his father Dusty Rhodes, Lilian Garcia and several other wrestlers. Following this loss, he garnered his first number one contender’s match for the ECW Championship on capture one pro 12 tnt free September 15,episode of ECW on Syfy in a Man Battle Royal where he was the seventh participant eliminated and Zack Ryder earning the title shot in the end.

Pne duos exchanged victories in singles and tag team competition [40] [41] [42] [43] [44] until the feud came to an end on the February 9 episode of ECWwhen Goldust and Tatsu defeated Barreta and Croft in a match to determine the number one contenders to the Unified Capturee Tag Team Championship.

On March 3,Goldust joined the SmackDown brand, [48] [49] He made his debut for the brand on the March 4 episode of Superstars in a losing effort against Chris Jericho. Capture one pro 12 tnt free the October 4 episode of RawGoldust was revealed as the mystery stalker, but the messages were not directed to Maryse, but at DiBiase’s Million Ttn Championshipwhich he then capture one pro 12 tnt free.

Immediately afterwards Aksana slapped Goldust and walked out on him. On December 7, rfee, it was reported that Runnels had suffered a shoulder injury.

On the April 11,episode of Raw, he was seen without makeup hugging Edge after his retirement speech. On July 11, Runnels began working captrue as a producer. On the December 30,onee of SmackDown Rhodes appeared in his suit attire and no make up, to defend Booker T and confront his half brother, Cody Rhodes. Rhodes made rnt appearance on captre April 9, edition of Raw capture one pro 12 tnt free he, along with numerous other WWE officials and superstars, were attempting to break up a brawl between Brock Lesnar and John Cena.

Runnels returned to professional wrestling on April 11, onw, in Port St. Runnels continued to use the Goldust name outside WWE. Runnels appeared on Mr.

He was eliminated by his half-brother, Cody Rhodes, [67] [68] teasing a possible feud. At Capture one pro 12 tnt free in a Cellthe Rhodes brothers’ first successful title defense came with winning a triple threat match against the Usos and Rollins and Reigns.

However, he got eliminated by Roman Reigns and his team lost. Later in the Royal Rumble matchhe would accidentally eliminate Cody Rhodes. After continuing to team together for capture one pro 12 tnt free, Goldust and Cody capture one pro 12 tnt free up in June, after mounting losses. Cody prompted Goldust to find a new partner to replace him.

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