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Use personalized Windows Apportal prototypes to demonstrate to customers how Windows 10, Office , Dynamics CRM, and Power BI can transform their businesses. In this US Partner workshop, learn how to build tailored Windows 10 Apportal demos by industry, line of business, and role. Join Judson Althoff, President of Microsoft North America, to get insights about your opportunities, visibility to best practices for success, and guidance for working with Microsoft.

Judson will be joined on stage by partners, customers, and industry experts. Just a quick note that we have released a new service that some of you might be interested in, called Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection. This is a complementary service to already existing Exchange Online Protection EOP and extends to additional types of advanced threats.

To learn more, head over here:. Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection is now available. During the just completed OEM Windows Server R2 Roadshow I mentioned several ways of keeping up with different products and technologies, and that I would create a few posts that cover these in more detail.

This is the eighth post in that series, and it is focused on the sessions that were delivered at the Ignite event the successor to TechEd and several other events in Chicago. Windows 10 management is today’s area of coverage. Windows 10 continues to add new and improved management technologies, to ensure that Windows continues to be the best—and most flexible—operating system to manage.

In this session, we talk about all the changes that are coming, including enhancements to built-in mobile device management protocols, new Windows Store and volume purchase program capabilities, sign-on capabilities with organizational IDs Microsoft Azure Active Directory , sideloading and other app deployment enhancements, and new capabilities being added to other existing management technologies, such as PowerShell, WMI, etc.

Are you new to managing Windows devices desktops, laptops, tablets, phones , or maybe just rusty? In this session, we review the management capabilities built into Windows 10; capabilities offered by Windows Server to complement the built-in capabilities; additional products like Microsoft System Center and Intune that provide the ability to manage large numbers of devices; and related services and tools.

Getting Ready for Windows Servicing Windows Client and Server in a Managed Environment Today. Join this session to hear best practices of consuming the various types of Windows Updates Hotfixes, Security Updates, Update Rollups, etc. in your business environment. This session helps you prepare for Windows 10 by adjusting processes and policies today, to consume our updates as intended while minimizing risk of failure.

Managing Windows 10 Using Group Policy with In-the-Box, Microsoft, and Third Party Tools. Windows 10 adds new features and settings that can be managed using Group Policy, while also carrying forward improvements from Windows 8 and Windows 8. We also look at upcoming improvements in Advanced Group Policy Management AGPM.

Managing Windows 10 with Microsoft Intune and System Center Configuration Manager. Excited about the new Windows 10 features? We are as well! Join this session to learn about how Microsoft Intune and System Center Configuration Manager are going to support and enhance new features coming in Windows What you do is kind of similar. It basically comes down to what tags you use. Here are the instructions, per section:.

Marrying code with creative pursuits such as music and fashion design may sound like a tall order for most, but two Indonesians have stepped up to the challenge. Invited by Microsoft Indonesia to develop applications related to their professions, Ayu Dian Andasari and Dwika Putra managed to accomplish just that. Mentored by Wahyudi, co-founder of Coding Indonesia , this creative duo completed two great coding projects by learning how to code with just 15 hours of training.

Though he studied IT in college, independent musician Dwika never considered taking his coding skills beyond what he was taught in class, choosing instead to focus on his musical interests.

Challenged to develop an application to enrich listening experiences, Dwika came forth with a music visualisation app called SongFlake , which generates animated visuals that match the pitch and intonation of musical instruments. To stay ahead in the fast-paced world of fashion, the former Microsoft Womenpreneur finalist is always game for new and unique ways to connect with fellow fashion enthusiasts through technology.

Despite having no prior coding experience, Ayu successfully completed her coding project Technoethnic , an interactive app that allows trend-setters to easily customise new outfits online.

さて、夏と言えば Windows 10 のリリースは、 年 7 月 29 日、盛夏の時期を予定しております。 リリースが近づくにつれて、Windows 10 に関する様々なご質問をいただくようになってきています。. Windows 10 のリリースと同時に、たくさんのユーザーの皆様に Windows 10 という新しい Windows を体験していただくため、一部のエディションを除く Windows 7 SP1 、Windows 8. Windows Update で配信されております、重要な更新プログラムがすべてインストールされている環境では、 更新プログラムの確認後に、以下の画面が表示され、ここからも予約を行うことができます。.

以下のレジストリを設定いただくことにより、KB がインストールされた環境におきましても、通知領域の Get Windows 10 アプリ アイコンからの通知を停止することが可能となります。. Windows Server もしくは Windows Server R2 上の WSUS サーバーにおいてクリーンアップ ウィザードを実行した際に、以下のイベントが記録されて IIS のプロセスがクラッシュするという事象が報告されています。. 説明: アプリケーション プール ‘WsusPool’ に使われているプロセスでWindows プロセス アクティブ化サービスとの通信に重大なエラーが発生しました。プロセス ID は ‘xxxx’ でした。. Windows Server R2 においては、更新プログラム KB に本問題に対する修正が含まれております。本更新プログラムの適用をご検討ください。詳細は以下の技術情報で公開しております。. WSUS database is not cleared correctly after you run Server Cleanup Wizard on a Windows Server R2-based WSUS server.

Windows Server において、残念ながら現時点では問題に対する修正が行われておりません。この場合、[不要な更新プログラムと更新プログラムのリビジョン] のクリーンアップを分割して実行することで現象を回避できる場合があります。. WSUS コンソールのクリーンアップ ウィザードで実行する場合、[不要な更新プログラムと更新プログラムのリビジョン] はすべてまとめて処理が行われますが、これを PowerShell のスクリプトで実行することにより、不要な [更新プログラム] と [更新プログラムのリビジョン] に分割して実行することが可能です。. The variety of offerings in Microsoft’s end-to-end analytics platform sometimes feels overwhelming, especially with the rapid evolution.

For example, at the Build conference we announced the upcoming availability of Azure SQL DW and Azure Data Lake, while at the Ignite conference we presented the new functionality of SQL Server To clarify our platform, here’s three images that positions the different services. First here’s a general overview of analytics platform capabilities.

On the right hand and bottom side of the image you find traditional BI: OTLP sources, ETL, data warehouse and OLAP cubes. In the middle we add Big Data technologies and predictive analytics capabilities. Finally on the left side there’s the technologies for real-time operational analytics in the world of the Internet of Things.

I hope these graphics help you position the different elements of the end-to-end Microsoft analytics platform! I generally find using Azure Active Directory for securing my resources to be a joyous thing, but the simplicity of use is pretty much vastly overstated by the marketing folks at Microsoft.

As is unfortunately a little too common, I found myself in a spot where I really thought I was stuck the other day trying to get an access token for a specific user to a specific resource.

The gist of this scenario is, I have an application defined in Azure Active Directory. The problem however is the really bad assumption, in my opinion, that you are going to have a human at the wheel, sitting at a browser and driving this thing around.

Okay that will work…as long as the human is sitting there driving. So what happens when the human is absent, and you want to get an access token for that person? Well, one of the ways you can get an access token from an application that is defined as a Native Application is to stick a username and password into a UserCredential and call the AcquireToken method in ADAL. I thought I was in a no win situation here when I came across this, but managed to work my way out of it so I thought I would share the approach I used.

When you do that, you can include whatever form values you want when you do your post. That ends up being the way to get your access token.

The rest of the code that is less interesting is where I take that stream and serialize it into a class so I can easily refer to the access token, the refresh token, the expiration, etc. Calling directly to the token endpoint in the Graph API to obtain an access token is pretty powerful really. Meanwhile, this ends up being a nice way to get the token when you find yourself in this scenario.

This is a reminder that we will be doing events in Baton Rouge, Pensacola and Fort Lauderdale starting next week. Join us and get free training on Azure, Windows 10, and get a free Azure Essentials paperback book! HP recently announced see HP Announcement the certification of the powerful scale-up Superdome X server.

It is purposefully designed to support the most demanding, critical workloads for Windows Server and support for SQL Server as it is certified to run on Windows Server and provide support for SQL Server.

HP, in collaboration with Microsoft, is now releasing a new Reference Configuration for running Microsoft SQL Server in Superdome X. A Reference Configuration is a specific solution designation that includes a solution Bill of Material BOM , deployment steps and sizing testing to help users efficiently deploy SQL Server on Superdome X. Download the Reference Configuration guide: Here. This solution will let customers scale-up their SQL Server environment to new heights.

The just released Reference Configuration guide provides specific configuration details for scaling up SQL Server supporting large scale online transaction processing OLTP workloads on the HP Integrity Superdome X.

Example configurations show scalability as 1, 2 and then 4 blades are used to size the SQL Server database workloads and provide comparison with previous server technology to highlight advancements made. Microsoft SQL Server includes built-in in-memory capabilities optimized for each workload including OLTP, data warehousing, and business intelligence.

The new in-memory OLTP engine can improve transaction throughput by up to 30x ,and significantly improve concurrency in parallel by running memory optimized tables and store procedures directly in-memory. In addition, SQL Server offers an enhanced in-memory ColumnStore that offers up x faster queries with much higher data compression. Whether you have a large number of concurrent, short-lived queries, or large and complex — Superdome X powerful architecture with up to cores and 12 TB of RAM – will deliver the high performance and low latency required for decision support and business processing workloads.

Mission critical SQL Server solutions not only include large system scale-up, but also SQL Server consolidation projects for multi-instance consolidation and multi-partition consolidation solutions. The HP Integrity Superdome X solution has the flexibility to power all of these mission critical environments. Configure remediation for Microsoft Defender Antivirus scans.

Enable and configure Microsoft Defender Antivirus always-on protection and monitoring. Configure local setting override for the time of day to run a scheduled full scan to complete remediation. Configure scheduled Microsoft Defender Antivirus scans. Not used. If you’re using or planning to use a non-Microsoft antivirus product, see Microsoft Defender Antivirus compatibility with other security products.

Configure device proxy and Internet connectivity settings. Configure scheduled scans for Microsoft Defender Antivirus. Prevent users from seeing or interacting with the Microsoft Defender Antivirus user interface Not supported on Windows Manage event-based forced updates.

Manage updates for endpoints that are out of date. Configure scanning options in Microsoft Defender Antivirus. Instant access to millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, podcasts and more. The SlideShare family just got bigger. Enjoy access to millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and more from Scribd. Upload Home Explore Login Signup. Successfully reported this slideshow. 中小企業のために作られたWindows Server Essentialsとは 0. Masahiko Sada. Download Now Download.

Next SlideShares. You are reading a preview. Activate your 14 day free trial to continue reading. Continue for Free. Upcoming SlideShare.

Windows Server Essentials と記憶域スペースでつくる中小企業を支えるサーバー. Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Share Email. Top clipped slide. 中小企業のために作られたWindows Server Essentialsとは Jun. Download Now Download Download to read offline. Masahiko Sada Follow. Manager of Financial Strategy group – NTT DOCOMO, Inc. Windows と標準的なハードウェアで構築するストレージ サーバー. 記憶域スペースと Windows Server VNext でのストレージ関連機能の強化ポイント – MVP Community Camp Windows Server Essentials~ストレージに関する考察~.

What to Upload to SlideShare. Be A Great Product Leader Amplify, Oct Trillion Dollar Coach Book Bill Campbell. APIdays Paris – Innovation scale, APIs as Digital Factories’ New Machi A few thoughts on work life-balance.

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Windows server 2012 r2 essentials windows 10 group policy free download

Windows Server , Windows Server R2 and later version of Windows Server have not been tested for modern applications and profile migrations. This document provides step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring Windows Server Essentials. Windows Server Essentials Experience is a role in Windows Server that enables you to take advantage of all the features such as Remote Web Access and PC backup that are available to you in Windows Server Essentials without the locks and limits that are enforced in Windows Server Essentials. Hello, Thank you so much for posting here. The Microsoft Download Manager solves these potential problems. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips.


Windows server 2012 r2 essentials windows 10 group policy free download

Description. Windows Server R2 provides a wide range of new and enhanced features and capabilities spanning server virtualization, storage, software-defined networking, server management and automation, web and application platform, access and information protection, virtual desktop infrastructure, and more. Windows Server R2 Essentials. SKU: G3S Trusted Return Policy. 2 reviews. $ Great for small companies running a single server. 25 User limit or 50 devices – No CALs (Client Access Licenses) required. Includes PC backup and optional connection to Office Default. Default – . We need the Windows 10 x86 version of the new Windows Server Essentials Connector for Windows Server R2; Download is ready, choose Open. We get a security warning if we want to open this file, choose Open. And more warning and questions. Sometimes I wish we got less questions and windows asking us to confirm something but anyway click Yes.

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